Welcome to IEEE Projects!

Increase your technical skills with one of our four projects in several different technical areas ranging from full stack development, to artificial intelligence, and to electrical engineering.

Projects will take ~5 hours/wk of committment. If you're interested in applying computer science skills into practical applications, we highly encourage you to apply using the button on the right!

Please refer below for a detailed list of project descriptions.

Spring 2021 Projects


FM Radio

2048 AI


CalXport (Full Stack)
A chrome extension to export your Berkeley course schedule into Google Calendar
- Uses HTML parsing to web scrape data from the Berkeley enrollment shopping cart (CalCentral > Enrollment Cart)
- Uses JavaScript to develop the extension
- Exports data into Google Calendar
- Final project will be published as chrome extension
Pre-requsites: None
FM Radio (Electrical Engineering)
Use an arduino nano to build an FM radio!
- Radios have been around for over 100 years and are one of the original electronic devices (beyond light bulbs) that made their way into peoples’ homes
- With a little investment from each member (kits will probably come out ~$10 each with IEEE subsidization), each person will be able to participate and build their own.
- We will do some basic circuit design with an amplifier
Pre-requsites: Previously or concurrent EE16A knowledge will be helpful, although not required
2048 AI (Artificial Intelligence)
An AI to play 2048!
- Uses python to build game trees
- AI will run on minimax + alpha-beta pruning (ML will NOT be used)
- Lots of mathematics and strategic planning to build heuristics! We will constantly battle against each other’s AIs to improve heuristics
Pre-requsites: Previously or concurrent CS61A knowledge will be useful for Python and trees
Sketchy (Full Stack)
A web-based guess-the-drawing game… with imposters! (inspired by Skribbl.io and Among Us)
- Frontend uses HTML/CSS + Canvas
- Backend runs on Node.js
- Multiplayer feature made using Socket.io
Pre-requsites: None
Note: A continuation from last semester (see github repo at https://github.com/IEEEBerkeley/sketchy)