Welcome to IEEE Projects!

We're hosting projects for you to get some hands-on experience! This semester, we're trying to change up the pace of projects with a hardware project: SIEEECURE. We also have IEEE Time for software development.

Projects will take ~5 hours/wk of commitment. If you're interested in applying computer science skills to practical applications, we highly encourage you to apply using the button on the right!

Please refer below for a detailed list of project descriptions.

For more information, feel free to Slack Ryan Ma or send an email to ryan.ma3011 (at)

Spring 2024 Projects



IEEE Time is a suite of internal management tools for our club. Some features include member management, room reservation, internal calendar, inventory, and much more! You will be working on various feature developments for our management suite in Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB, and other web technologies. Prior experience is good to have, but not a requirement!

This project aims to tackle developing a secure system from a hardware level. The goal is to develop threat models and implement a secure hardware encryption module on a FPGA. You will learn the fundamentals of VLSI design with Verilog, SystemVerilog, and other design tools.

CS 61C experience is RECOMMENDED and further interest in computer security, computer architecture, or digital logic design is awesome! If you don't have 61C under your belt, no worries! Feel free to contact Ryan Ma and Vedang Joshi on Slack to learn more.