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Increase your technical skills with one of our four projects in several different technical areas ranging from full-stack development to artificial intelligence, and to electrical engineering. This semester, we are offering artificial intelligence and data science projects!

Projects will take ~5 hours/wk of commitment. If you're interested in applying computer science skills to practical applications, we highly encourage you to apply using the button on the right!

Please refer below for a detailed list of project descriptions.

Spring 2022 Projects

2048 AI

DIY ML Prediction

2048 AI (Artificial Intelligence)
Members participating in this project will be able to learn the foundational concepts of AI, such as zero-sum games and minimax, and use their mathematical creativity to create an AI (from scratch) to play the game 2048.

This project is done through Python.

Rough schedule:
Week 1~2: Learning about the foundational concepts
Week 3~5: Making the minimax algorithm work, achieve automatic gameplay
Week 6~7: Refine heuristics to increase game winrate
Week 8~9: Apply runtime optimizations to further increase game winrate
Week 10: Battle against each other’s AI
Prerequsites: Previously or concurrent CS61A knowledge will be required for Python and trees
Members participating in this project will learn to scrape and collect datasets of their choice. Towards the latter half of the project, members will be taught how to develop their own api endpoints and develop a display for specific data.

This project is done through Python and Node.js.

Rough schedule:
Week 1~2: Selecting and collecting dataset
Week 3~4: Creating a simple endpoint
Week 5~7: Developing endpoints for personal dataset
Week 8~9: Creating a front-end display for data
Week 10: Mini-Showcase
Prerequsites: Data 8 or CS 61A required for Python knowledge, prior knowledge in Node.js recommended but not neccessary