EE 198: Hands-On PCB Engineering is an introductory course to printed circuit board (PCB) design and layout practices and concerns. It is intended for students with some experience with circuits who are interested in learning about and gaining or improving PCB design and assembly skills, and particularly those who are part of or intend to join engineering student organizations with working knowledge in PCB design.

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The Berkeley IEEE Student Branch’s Micromouse DeCal is a hands-on course aimed at undergraduates with an interest in robotics. In the class, teams of 2~5 students are formed to build and program autonomous, maze-solving cars that follow the standards set in IEEE’s Micromouse competition.

The course assumes no experience and will be based around a series of labs and project milestones that cover a wide range of robotics concepts. The course will expose students to Arduino programming, autonomous navigation, sensors, PID, and basic electrical engineering, while preparing them for an in-class competition at the end of each semester. Teams are also provided with the opportunity to qualify for funding to attend competitions among other schools in California and neighboring states.

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