HOPE: KiCad Install

Download & Install KiCad

The download is ~1.5 GB large and the install requires ~6 GB of disk space.
Install KiCad 6 from the official kicad website: https://www.kicad.org/download/


  • Installer instructions: Leave all of the default checkboxes as is. You do not have to install FreeCAD at the end.


  • Install instructions: Open the .dmg, drag the KiCad folder into Applications. You may also want to save the demos folder somewhere, but this is not required.


  • Download instructions: Go to www.kicad.org/download/ then select your distro.
  • Install instructions: Varies by distro. Note: No instructor support will be provided for Linux troubleshooting

Ask us for help if you run into any issues.

Running KiCad for the first time:

Open KiCad by looking for this icon:

KiCad icon

You will see a similar dialog box pop up, simply press OK:

KiCad Settings Path Configuration

You should see the project manager screen, but you can simply exit KiCad for now. Your KiCad install is now complete!