HOPE: KiCad Install

Download & Install KiCad

The download is ~1.5 GB large and the install requires ~6 GB of disk space.
Do not install the default KiCad version you find on www.kicad.org. Instead, you must use the following links:




  • Download instructions: Go to www.kicad.org/download/ then select your distro and follow instructions to get the nightly version.
  • Install instructions: Varies by distro. Note: No instructor support will be provided for any install issues

Ask us for help if you run into any issues (Unless your are not running Windows or MacOS)

Running KiCad for the first time:

Open KiCad by looking for this icon:

KiCad icon

You will see this dialog box pop up, simply press OK:

You should see the project manager screen, but you can simply exit KiCad for now. Your KiCad install is now complete!