Hands-On PCB Engineering (HOPE)


HOPE will run in Spring 2021

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Welcome to HOPE! (online)
This course introduces printed circuit board (PCB) design and layout practices and concerns. It is intended for students with some experience with circuits who are interested in learning or improving their PCB design and fabrication skills, and particularly those who are part of or intend to join engineering student organizations with working knowledge in PCB design. Normally this is a DeCal course, but this semester HOPE will be rolling out a short online web course on PCB design. Keep a watch on the Timeline on this page as it gets updated with more content!

Projected Schedule for Spring 2021
Time: Thursday 7-9 PM
Location: Online (tbd)
Units: 2

Leon Wu

Kevin Zheng

Jeffrey Ni


We are pleased to announce that IEEE HOPE Decal will be renewed for the Spring 2021 semester, with a projected schedule of 7-9pm on Thursdays. Given the current conditions, the HOPE DeCal will not be offered in person as it has been in the past. Instruction and lab will be administered over remote meeting software, and any formerly physical hardware parts of the class (namely, the PCB assembly and microcontroller activities) have been replaced with an alternative, digital assignment. The final project will no longer include physical assembly as a requirement, but interested students will be able to order their project’s PCB and components with HOPE’s support if they choose to do so, and receive assistance during assembly if necessary.
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tl:dr / old content
A quick introduction to PCBs.
Schematics & Broken Abstraction
Why you shouldn't skip the labs of the EE16-series. Old: Schematics and Components, Part 1
Schematics & Designing Circuits
Schematics are both simple and also complicated Old: Schematics and Components, Part 2
PCB Layout
Layout, Part 2
Layout, Part 2 Old: Layout, Part 2
HOPE will be offered in the Spring 2021 semester online. More details at the start of the semester.