• Executives

    The Executive officers oversee club affairs, initiate and maintain relations with external and internal parties, manage finances, and lead large events.

  • Activities

    The Activities committee provides social support for the EECS community by planning and organizing social events.

  • H.O.P.E.

    HOPE serves as the backbone for developing and facilitating our IEEE Hands on Practical Electronics DeCal, a fun and interactive course to introduce electrical engineering fundamentals to non-EECS students. HOPE is one of our most popular student services, garnering strong support from both the EECS department and IEEE National.

  • Industrial Relations

    The Industrial Relations committee is responsible for communicating and interfacing with external organizations and companies. Officers personally interact and cooperate with company representatives and help host infosessions, tech-talks, the biannual Startup Fair, and other industry events that are beneficial to the EECS student body.

  • I/O

    I/O is responsbile for all of IEEE's Input/Output. They handle marketing and publicity for our upcoming events - from creating posters and flyers to designing officer jackets.

  • Micromouse

    Micromouse serves as the backbone for developing our decal around creating an autonomous mouse used to navigate a maze.

  • Professional Development

    The Professional Development committee coordinates with innovators from academia and cooperates with other organizations to bring professional awarness to the EECS community. They host internship and research workshops, undergraduate-graduate student mixers, and national IEEE-sponsored events (SPAC & SPAV).

  • Technical Operations

    Our student branch hosts several computers and servers inside our very own lab, which also houses an open lab bench for soldering, making PCB's, and any other electrical engineering related task. The Tech-Ops committee resolves all technical issues in the IEEE lab and maintains the full availability of these services for the EECS community.

  • Website

    What do you think we do?

  • Alumni

    The glorious alumni, no longer with us on campus, but doing great things in the wild.